Evil Vinyl

After such an overwhelmingly positive response to our Cornetto Trilogy homage, we’ve been taking even more iconic characters, and giving them the EVIL treatment. Thanks for all the great feedback so far, folks. Check out our latest doings here!

The IT CrowdITcrowd_smallergoth_boss_smaller

An American Werewolf in Londondavid_and_jack_smaller


It’s going to be a big week at Evil Corp, so if you haven’t done it already, do follow us on Facebook and Twitter, to register your interest in a vinyl-toy Kickstarter, as well as the upcoming launch of some brand new EVIL shorts…

Stay tuned.


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24 Responses to Evil Vinyl

  1. Si Tovey says:

    More British comedy one’s please.

    *Red Dwarf
    *Father Ted
    *Black Adder

    Ta Muchly,

  2. Brendan Jefferis says:

    Vinyl toy kick starter is a great idea, you guys clearly have an in-demand concept here!

  3. Adam k says:

    I for one also love the IT crowd figures.
    The shining figures of jack/john and Wendy is also pretty brilliant 🙂

  4. Lucinda says:

    Ahhhh love this, you need to do dexter and carrie and the adams family, oh and dracula

  5. Salvador Guerra says:

    Damn it, I love the American Werewolf in London ones, and Shelly Duvall from The Shining is spot on.

  6. Meg says:

    It would be superdooper awesome to see NBC Hannibal, BBC Sherlock and Supernatural Evil Vinyls… I would become a crazy collector!

  7. Pete says:

    The Bowie figures are amazing. Are they purchasable and if so how much?
    I neeeeed them on my mantkepiece!!!!

  8. augie says:

    shut up and take my money. make them real so i can hurl money at you!!

  9. Lisa Lafayette (The Laughing Blerd) says:

    You’re crew is AWESOME OMG. Yes, love the shorts and would love to buy some of the amazing creations…

  10. Allan Brown says:

    Hi guys, just wanted to say these vinyl characters are AWESOME!!! Can you direct me to the correct way of registering for the Kickstarter campaign? 🙂

  11. John says:

    21 Sep ’14
    Hey !!!! 🙂
    I hope you guys get this message!!! REALLY looking forward to The Shining Family vinyl dolls !!!! When will they be available?? Thank you !

    Here’s Johnny 1

  12. Will says:

    Love the IT Crowd, and I bet the license would be cheap! Jen should have shiny red hair though, not brown. And I’d argue her calves need muscle bulges since that’s one of her defining caricature traits.

  13. Gabriela AA says:

    I would like to buy the The Shining trio of toys. Please, tell me you sell them 🙂

  14. Steeeeeeeeeve says:

    Wow, very interested in a kickstarted campaign and getting the vic & Bob figurines. More Bill Murray would be also be good – stripes, rushmore, caddyshack, groundhog day, ghostbusters, broken flowers etc.

  15. Anne says:

    Oooooh you have to make Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt too. Please!

  16. Crambo says:

    take my money!!!! make it happen!!

  17. Hi fellas,

    Firstly, you rock.

    Secondly, I know you guys aren’t REALLY evil, so I was hoping I could get you to state very literally, and not figuratively, that these awesome vinyls are not in fact, real vinyl toys, but just 3D renders that look like vinyl and you hope to make into vinyl someday.

    Can you believe(!!!) this is causing a lot of confusion everywhere, I’m even trying to calm people in Japan saying no, you have not figured out a way to produce weekly vinyl figures… I wish.

    (Dude on Dangerousminds will not back down that these are truly vinyl toys, it says vinyl after all!!) It seems the under 30 crowd LITERALLY cannot understand the difference between literal and figurative… I’ve even pointed to the interview.

    Aaaaaaaayways, keep up the insane designing and modeling and I do hope to see some of these LITERALLY on my desk someday.

  18. Ever Velasquez says:

    How can I buy these?:) I need these in my life.

  19. Can’t wait for the kickstarted!! These are nothing short of amazing!

  20. charlie says:

    Wow these models are fantastic!! it would be so cool if you did Channel 4’s UTOPIA, there are so many characters to choose from and would look incredible as a set!

  21. Jorge says:

    Need some of this. How?

  22. Mikeila says:

    you should totally make some Monty Python and the Holy Grail ones. and the ones already made are marvelous! I hope they’re available for purchase soon!!

  23. Becky says:

    Can you tell me if they have made or plan to make the Jack & Daviid figures?

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