Evil Highlights – 2014

Happy New Year, everyone!

We’re now into the first week fo 2015, with a few exciting things just around the corner, however, before that, we wanted to look back over some of our work from 2014. We hope you all stick around for what’s to come – thanks folks!

Now TV – Onsieland
For a year and half we’ve been providing Now TV with their fully animated TV ads, and here’s our last two which were doing the rounds in Nov and Dec.

Biscuit Wars
We set out to answer the age old debate of what really is the best biscuit, by launching our series of Animated shorts, along with promotional packs of artwork and coasters which went out to some lucky creatives in London. Round 1 of the fights can be seen here – who do you want to see duke it out in Round 2?



Evil Characters
We’re often producing images of new Evil characters, and here’s a selection of our favourites, plus a couple you may not have seen!

NightlifeThe_Rubbers Space Paddle_In_The_Fountain HorseMod_Pose_watermark_small

We finalised our luxurious EVIL portfolio, which even took a trip Stateside with our Rep.


Evil Vinyls
Last but not least, what started as a small piece of fan-art, has turned into a huge demand for a real line of vinyl-toys. Thanks so much to all the websites, celebs, and all you lovely folk of the general public who have shared, tweeted, and posted their admiration of the Evil Vinyls – we’re very happy you lot like ’em! As we announced late last year, we’re now working with the hugely successful toy company Funko, and 2015 might just be the year you get to hold them in your hands…


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