Evil Vinyl – Halloween Countdown

In celebration of the most EVIL month of the year, the latest Vinyls have a rather appropriate theme…

CarrieCarrie Don’t Look NowDont_Look_Now E.T.ETThriller

Baby Jane

Eels (Boosh)

Ok, so this next one’s not really ‘Halloween’ related, but still…I think we can all agree, he can be a bit scary, right?



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45 Responses to Evil Vinyl – Halloween Countdown

  1. Dennis K. Johansen says:

    All hail the evil corp.

    So when will I be able to buy any of these vinyl’s as “toys” they look awesome and would be cool to have standing around the house 🙂

    Best regards
    Dennis, all the way from Denmark

  2. rosario says:

    Where i can get one of this amazing vinyl figures?

  3. marcoshark says:

    This needs to be on my shelf… NOW

  4. Sofia says:

    These are fantastic, but there’s one I would really really love to see: Lux Interior from The Cramps- you can’t be more Halloween than Lux! (and it was his birthday today)

  5. marco shark says:

    This needs to be on my shelf, NOW

  6. Kiesha.locklear@gmail.com says:

    I must have some of these.

  7. Julius says:

    Are these available for purchase? If so, how?

  8. Ceri says:

    I’ve looked at all these vinyl characters and there isn’t one i wouldn’t want to own!

    OMG they are total genius!

    Please consider a run of them to sell!


  9. stephen pellegrino says:

    Are any of these for sale?????
    How much for them??? any of them for sale

  10. kendall Morgan says:

    Are you selling these!? If you aren’t please let me know when you are! They are AMAZING!

  11. Fredy says:

    Will these be on sale? I’d love to buy some! They are fantastic.

  12. Chris Moore says:

    Your vinyl toys are amazing!
    If any of these vinyls are available to purchase, I would be interested! Thanks very much.

  13. Chris says:

    Your work is bloody brilliant! Are you selling the Evil Vinyl characters??


  14. Miguel says:

    These are awesome! Where can I buy them?

  15. James M McCracken says:


  16. Josh Ross says:

    Look, I really need to get my hands on this Christopher Walken figure, my girlfriend would think this to be just about the best thing in the world, please get back to me about it!

  17. These are all brilliant but I love the Baby Jane pair best!

  18. Nicole says:

    For the love all that’s evil, I must have these. I must!

  19. Molly Nations says:

    Is there any way to buy these? I absolutely must have all of them!

  20. baron wilhelm hollandia says:

    perfection , aleister crowley would be lovely for helloween .these need to be sold to subversives and retards .

  21. andrew says:

    Are these vinyls available for purchase online? They are pretty awesome

  22. jason says:

    i want the hitcher….please?!!! take my money.

  23. Lar deSouza says:

    The design on these figures is OUTSTANDING 🙂 Absolutely adore this. Well done! I hope someone backs a truck full of money and licensing agreements up to your house. 🙂

  24. Joann Alexander says:

    Available for purchase? Thank you!

  25. Vincent says:

    Man your work is awesome. Greetings from Brazil.

  26. steven c says:


  27. Anna says:

    Any for sale?

  28. chris says:

    Hey, can you buy these at all? i love them!

  29. MATT says:

    THESE ARE FUCKING FANTASTIC. I don’t suppose they’ll be going into production?

  30. James says:

    This, as well as the others, is fantastic! Is this a “one of” situation or are these for sale? Either way, simply great!


  31. MOE says:

    Howdy, Neat post. You will find a disadvantage in your website throughout world-wide-web adventurer, may perhaps examination this? For example ‘s still industry leading along with a great portion of other individuals will probably pass over ones magnificent producing due to this issue.. MOE

  32. kevin mummery says:

    These are fantastic! The “Thriller” set is begging to be animated…when can we expect to see it?

    Also, Mr. Walken…WOW! Maybe he could be incorporated into the “Thriller” animation, since he started in show biz as a song and dance man.

  33. Beth S says:

    Is the Chris Walken vinyl for sale? Where can I get one? 🙂

  34. Richard Hanson says:

    Are these available for purchase? If so, can you tell how to order them online please?

    Thank you.

  35. Patricia Salyers says:

    How do I buy and where? Need the Christopher Walken!

  36. Bob Maltais says:

    Where can these be purchased? They are simply wonderful. I’d collect them all.

  37. Wally Earl says:

    I *NEED* those Baby Jane figures! They are perfection…especially Joan Crawford’s eyebrows!

  38. Jorge Sotelo says:

    How do I buy one of these (the twins from the shining)?

  39. Matthew Jones says:

    How might I buy a christopher walken vinyl. I need one. Worse than heroin I need one.

  40. How can I get these!!!!???

  41. andrew says:

    Oh my god.. How do i get my hands on the Whatever Happened to Baby Jane figures? They are amazing in…

  42. Julio says:

    Are these vinyl statues for sale?and if they are how can I get them

  43. Diego Vereezi says:

    Would love to see these in the U.S.

    The Christopher Walken is spot on!

  44. mr choubi says:

    I wanted to know if we could buy them and what was the price?

    Mr Choubi

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