Evil Work | Gü Puds

We’re pleased to unveil some more of our latest work!

Last year we did some work for Publicis Chemistry that went down like hot drink, and it seems they were so happy with it, they came back and asked us to do something just as nice, for the rather sophisticated, Gü Puds brand, and their 10th anniversary campaign. They were fans of I Dreamt of Flying, and were keen to get something in a similar, graphical style.

They needed a lightning quick turn around in order to launch it with a competition for Gü’s Facebook users. So, as we’re never ones to shy away from a challenge (and of course, making films about dessert is always enjoyable), we happily obliged, and produced this lovely confection featuring their head chef, Fred, challenging viewers to come up with a winning recipe that would eventually be made by Gü for real.

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