Well, we couldn’t leave these ones out could we! Here’s a few more pieces of Stranger Things fan-art…

Jonathon_and_Nancy_Small Steve Joyce_Small Mr_Clarke_Small Agent_Connie 11_suit_Small

Along with many of you out there, we at EVIL loved the Netflix series Stranger Things. We loved it so much, that we decided to put an EVIL spin on the characters!

Please note – This is just fan-art that we’ve done for fun. Sadly, they’re not real figures…


Here’s our two latest promos we did for Funko as part of their subscription box ranges for Marvel and DC!


Women of DC

We’re pleased to share our latest teaser for Funko, and their Star Wars ‘Smuggler’s Bounty’ subscription boxes. Check it out right here!

Our latest trailer for Funko’s DC Legion of Collectors subscription box range is now online. Take a look!

Here’s our latest trailer for Funko and the first we have done for LucasFilm and the Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty subscription box range!

To view our full range of work, plese visit our vimeo page: http://vimeo.com/evilcorp

We were asked to do the artwork for Saturday’s Independent Magazine! Here it is in all it’s glory.




Here’s our latest teaser for the DC Legion of Collectors subscription box, powered by Funko!

To view our full range of work, including other trailers in this range and the Marvel Collector Corps range, please visit our Vimeo page: http://vimeo.com/evilcorp

You may remember our Evil Vic and Bob character designs, well, we were asked very nicely if they could include them in the programme for their 25th anniversary tour.

Naturally we were delighted to oblige and here they are in all their glory! We just couldn’t let it lie……..





Our latest collaboration with American toy company Funko has seen us move into the world of DC as we helped them promote their DC Legion of Collectors subscription box.

With Batman vs Superman as the subject, this trailer sees them face off against a very rainy and atmospheric cityscape.

Check out the trailer for yourself by clicking below.

To see our full range of work, including the trailers we did for the Marvel Collector Corps range, please visit our Vimeo page at: http://vimeo.com/evilcorp


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