Knock, Knock…

How’s everyone enjoying the great British summer? We can’t get enough rain and gloom, it’s what drives our Evil ideas into fruition.

Always the generous types, we thought we’d give you all teaser of just one of the latest projects we have bubbling away in the evil primordial soup. What you see below is by no means fully developed, but we’re quickly becoming fond of these chaps, and think they hold the potential for something very interesting…


Hallway Yeti Pose_Phone Doorway 01 Shopping



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2 Responses to Knock, Knock…

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  2. Eggmaan says:

    brilliant, i love the cousin, he (she, it) just seems to have that right amount of lurking menace. looks friendly, but obviously has a touch of evil! would love to see the finished abomination 🙂

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