From The Evil Archives…

Spring is officially just around the corner, but we’ve started cleaning a little early this year, and lo and behold, look what we’ve dug up – some classic postcards from A Large Evil Corporation’s various sectors across the globe.

Here’s one of our famous, enviro-friendly tankers, making it’s journey from
Saudi-Arabia, to one of our many oil refineries based in the U.S. Today, we proudly remain one of the most efficient, safe, and widespread, petrochemical producers in the world. We’ve expanded this department of Evil Corp, with multiple plants now in almost every country in the Middle-East, with plans to set-up in China by 2020.

Here we have a couple from our popular resort on America’s west coast. Our diner / motel, was voted the most hygienic place in Los Angeles for 5 years running, from 1968-1972, by ‘LA Dirt’ magazine! We continue to boast resorts on many coastal hot-spots around the globe, complete with hotels, bars, and mini-markets. Check with your local travel agent to find your dream holiday through Evil Corp.

Now, this last one is real blast from the past. Circa 1886, way back in the early days of Evil Corp, this is a snapshot featuring the brave men of a Texas based fire department. We had a few spread across the southern states of the U.S., providing a subscription service to domestic households. We decided to close this sector of the business just as World War II approached, in order to concentrate our resources on more profitable spin-offs, such as our  chain of self-service crematoria.

We’ll be sure to post more from the archives, as and when we find it!




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