Vinyl Idolz!

Those keeping a close eye on our facebook may have seen this already, but we wanted to clarify the latest on here!

As we previously announced, the vinyls we’ve designed are finally becoming a reality, thanks to some help from Funko, and their new outfit, ‘Vinyl Sugar’. Not all of the designs you’ve seen are being made (yet…), but some of the most popular ones, and a few ones you won’t have seen should be released this year!

The weekend just past marked the annual Toy Fair in New York, and it was there that Funko & Vinyl Sugar unveiled some of their new lines, including our very own vinyls. See the pictures below!

Oh, and also, here’s the official teaser we made:

toy_fair (1) toy_fair (2) toy_fair (3) toy_fair (4) toy_fair (5)

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One Response to Vinyl Idolz!

  1. gruute says:

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes… 😀
    But there is too many cool stuff : of course, the cornetto trilogy but also walking dead, ghostbusters, back to the future !?!

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